Eno River District 2022 Spring Camporee

April 29, 2022 @ 4:00 pm – May 1, 2022 @ 10:00 am
Camp Campbell
498 Mill Creek Rd. Clarksville VA 23927
Eno River District 2022 Spring Camporee @ Camp Campbell
The 2022 Spring Camporee theme of Superhero Summit” is sure to be one to


Events have been chosen by youth staff. They include a Captain America shield toss,
Disintegrating ray challenge, Find Infinity stones, Hawkeye, Dr. Banner, did you close the lid?,
Da Vinci bridge, Batman’s cave, Spiderman’s web, and Super Flounder.

Registration is $15 per person if completed on time. Registration opens in March and closes
April 26. Late registration cost is $20 per person if applying on or after April 27th.

Note: Registering early helps staff to better budget what can be spent on camporee. In addition,
advance registration for this Camporee is strongly recommended in order to request a site and
have a smoother and faster Friday night check-in.

Come dressed as your favorite superhero and be ready to have fun!

Scouts are welcome to invite a friend who may be interested in Scouting to attend this Camporee.


Link to Staff Needs spreadsheet (view only)

Link to Campsite Selection (view only)

Download the Camporee Event Guide: (v. 1.2) PDF