Cub Scout Recruiting Meeting

September 26, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Online, on Zoom
Justin Sprague
Cub Scout Recruiting Meeting @ Online, on Zoom

This meeting is for the leaders in your Pack that work on recruiting.


During the recent Cub Scout breakout session at Roundtable there was a discussion about approaches to having a successful fall Cub Scout membership drive.  In that discussion, it was felt that it would be helpful for us to have a separate meeting where Cub Scout leaders could meet to go over best practices for recruiting in our area. It was thought that this coming Monday, September 26, 2022 would be a good time for that meeting.


You all are warmly welcome to join us on Monday for this meeting. I know this is short notice, but as we’re well into the recruiting season it’s important that we move quickly to get this meeting scheduled. If there is someone that I’ve missed that should be invited, please go ahead and share this with them.


The meeting will be held via Zoom. We will start at 7:00 pm. We’ll try to end by 8:00, but it may go to 8:30 pm based on the level of discussion.


Proposed agenda for this meeting:


The Cub Scout Recruiting process


1. Setting Recruiting Goals
2. Advertising your Pack

* Flyers distributed at schools

* Peachjar

* Geofencing

* BSA Unit Pin

* Yard Signs & other visible recruiting

* Neighborhood email lists

* Advertising at your Chartered Organization

* Other source of advertising

3.  In-person recruiting

* Open Houses

* Back to school night

* PTA meetings

* Other local events

4. Peer-to-peer recruiting by current Scouts
5. Holding a Join Scouting Event

* Focused Join Scouting night

* Visit a Pack Meeting

* Follow-up with parents after the Join Scouting event

6.  Additional good practices for successful recruiting
7. Strategies to identify den leaders for new dens


If you see opportunities to improve the agenda, please let me know.


Please come prepared to share your best practices.


We have a rich mix of both experienced leaders and new leaders in our district. The experience that each of you brings can help make this a stronger session.


If you feel your Pack is doing well in one area, please come to the meeting and share what is working for you. This could include examples of the materials you use in your own Pack’s recruiting. The goal is to help each other have a strong recruiting effort this fall.



Please email me if you have questions:


Thank you,
Justin Sprague
District Chair, Eno River District