Recharter 2022

Scouting activities

On December 1st, the recharter process opened for Scouting Units in Legacy Shakori District. Orange and North Chatham County Unit Charters for 2022 are due by January 31, 2022, and should be submitted by January 21 to allow for issue resolution before expiration.

For all the other Units in the Eno River District, your recharter process opened on Dec 1 as well but should have begun by January 1, 2022, and are due February 28, 2022. Please submit by February 14 to allow for issue resolution before expiration.

Please attach your unit’s completed JTE score sheet to your recharter before submitting and forward a copy to Mark Hannah at [email protected].

Click here to download a pdf of the updated Recharter 2022 presentation.

Recharter Timeline:

Legacy Shakori Units All others except Post 50
Dec 1 Recharter Open Dec 1 Recharter Open
Jan 1 Complete Roster updates and scan in all paperwork needed Jan 15 Complete Roster updates and scan in all paperwork needed
Jan 3 – 20 coordinate fee amount with Commissioner, then coordinate payment with Tiffany Jan 17 – Feb 11 coordinate fee amount with Commissioner, then coordinate payment with Tiffany
Jan 21 Complete Feb 14 Complete (send Tiffany a valentine)
Jan 21 – 30 issue resolution Feb 14 – 28 issue resolution


All units will benefit from reviewing the recharter information below, but especially Orange County Units

This year’s rechartering process will be different than in the past.

* There is a new and easier website to use:

* Only Key-3 members (COR, Committee Chair and Scout/Cubmasters) or Key-3 delegates) will be able to go to or to start and complete the process.

* You will not need an access code.

* Please note that Legacy Shakori units will only pay for 11 months and all other units will only pay for 10 months. This is to get all units resynced to our new Eno River District and the council moving to a January 1 – December 31 Charter year.

Before you start the recharter process, it is very important that you:

1. Do a Unit Inventory: it will make the recharter process very simple when you access the website. Compare your roster in or to your records. Make any corrections needed and then your roster will be up to date in the recharter website before you start.

2. Watch the Recharter Training Video: please review this link on how to access and complete your recharter:

3. Do not pay any fees online! You will need to coordinate your fee amount with your Unit Commissioner, then call Tiffany at the council office to confirm and pay the correct amount to the Council!

Do You Need HELP?

Contact your Commissioners:

* Chris FitzSimons ([email protected]), Assistant District Commissioner for Orange County, will be on hand to help you with this. Chris will also coordinate with your Unit Commissioner to help you have your charter ready and completed on time.

* Jeff Mixon ([email protected]), Assistant District Commissioner for Durham County for similar support in Durham County

* James Chambers ([email protected]) Assistant District Commissioner for Chatham County units

* Tara Roberson ([email protected]) Assistant District Commissioner for Granville and Vance County units

You can also reach out to Mark Hannah ([email protected]) Eno River District Commissioner, or Robin Covert ([email protected]) Family Scouting Executive, 984-444-9944


Thank you for all your work in making Scouting a successful and wonderful experience for the youth!


Please note the message from Charles Flowers, Scout Executive – Occoneechee Council B.S.A. below:

Occoneechee Council
Fellow Scouters,
Thank you for your efforts and diligence on the 2022 recharters. The Council has received a few early applications and we have noticed a couple of recurring issues that we wanted to highlight in an effort to make the remaining recharters go more smoothly. The following issues were noted:
  1. * The National system defaults to a full 12 months of fees. Due to Council realignment, units should prorate these fees to 10 or 11 months such that the recharter period ends December 31
  2. * The recharter failed to take in to account the Membership Growth Incentives our Council fee discount, if qualified
  3. * The new system does not allow users to review the submission after the fact.
To remedy these issues, Units should take the following actions:
  1. * Choose the “Pay at Council” option at the conclusion of the process and do NOT pay your recharter fees online
  2. * Save and/or print the details of your recharter – print or save the copy of your PDF before exiting the session
  3. * Email the saved recharter details to Tiffany Edmiston at [email protected] for review
The Council will review your Charter Paperwork and confirm the correct proration and any discounts are applied. Payment can then be made in person, check by mail, or over the phone via credit card.


Thank you again for work in bringing Scouting to your communities.
Charles L. Flowers| Scout Executive / CEO
Occoneechee Council