Ten Steps to a Successful Eagle Project

1. Read the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

Download a copy of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and read it – the whole thing. This is required. You must use the most recent version of the workbook.


2. Find an Eagle Project Coach

Ask one of the adults in your unit to be your Project Coach.  In the rare situation that no one from your unit is available, the District Eagle Chair will be available to advise you and/or help you identify a Project Coach as you develop and execute your Eagle project.


3. Develop your Eagle Project Proposal

Working with your Project Coach, identify a suitable project, and complete the Contact Information (Proposal Page B), and Project Proposal (Proposal Pages C-E) sections of the project workbook (you do not need signatures on Proposal Page E yet).

When you and your Project Coach are satisfied that your proposal is ready, go on to step 4.


4. Submit your Project Proposal to the District Eagle Committee

Email your workbook to the District Eagle Committee Chair. (If you can’t conveniently email, contact the Eagle Committee chair to make alternative arrangements.) Copy your Coach, Scoutmaster or a parent on this and subsequent communications. The Eagle Committee Chair will advise you of any changes or additions required in your proposal – including if you need to complete a Fundraising Application (Fundraising Application Pages A & B).

5. Get approval signatures

After the District Eagle Chair indicates that the proposal is acceptable, sign the Candidate’s Promise on Proposal Page E of the project workbook and get signatures from your unit leader, unit committee, and the project beneficiary. If you have not already done so, give the beneficiary representative a copy of “Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project” (the last two pages of the workbook) when you meet to obtain their signature.


6. Meet with the Eagle Committee Chair

You and your Project Coach meet with the Eagle Committee Chair to review your progress toward Eagle, and get the district approval signature for your Project Proposal.


7. Complete the Project Final Plan

Working with your Project Coach, plan the details of your project and complete Project Plan pages A-E of the Project Workbook. Share and discuss the final plan with your Coach and the beneficiary representative.


8. Carry out the project

Follow your plan.


9. Complete the Project Report

Sign the Candidate’s Promise on Final Plan Page C, and get completion approval signatures from the project beneficiary and your unit leader


10. Prepare the workbook for submission

Make a copy of the entire workbook, then staple or clip the pages of the workbook together – do not put them in any kind of binder or folder. In the event that your copy is an electronic one, make a backup!